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Duplex Milling Machines


Highly rigid and reliable

The heavy base castings and sturdy spindles withstand heavy cutting perfectly. This high rigidity of the machine ensures the stable high accuracy over a long period of time. This unparalleled durability is a secret that HAMAI production milling machines have been accepted by the customers for more than 30 years.

Bridge type clamping jig fixture

The fixture is highly rigid and ensures stable operation even under heavy duty cutting. It clamps works by your single operation of the switch! The DS series will drastically increase your work efficiency through its high operability and efficient layout of the fixture and powerful spindles.

Index table:mounted on the DS series with the bridge type claming fixture.

To increase the squareness of products, a CURVIC coupling is used on the index table. We are confident of the squareness of the four sides and 45┬░chamfering direction.

Conversational machining software

Special software allows the operator to perform his work by merely programming to perform his work by merely entering necessary data such as blank dimensions and finished product dimensions.

Pallet changer

Allow the operator to prepare new works on the stand-by pallet, in order to avoid waste of time, thereby increasing the work efficiency.

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