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Gear Hobbing Machines


Dry hobbing:N-series

The maximum rotation speed of the hob is 5,000 min-1 to perform hobbing dry cutting with a carbide hob cutter.

Hobbing speed has increased to 5 - 7 times that of the conventional machines with higher precision. Can hob heat-treated works as they are, allowing simplified hobbing process.


Loading System:N-series and SP series

Various types of loaders are available that can handle your works automatically. Such loaders, when combined with magazines and palletizers, enables completely unmanned operation of your hobbing machines.

High-accuracy hobbing

To manufacture high-accurcy gears, hobbed gears are generally ground. Our hobbing machines can hob small gears, which cannot be ground, to an accuracy that can be achieved by grinding.

Highly reliable

Used widely to produce small gears for electric tools, wrist watches, electric tools, fishing tackles, stepping motors, and electrodes for gear molds. To date, we have manufactured about 7,000 units.

Automatic hob re-sharpening machine:GN150

The hob arbor is provided with a tail stock center for the support to increase the holding rigidity of the hob arbor, thereby shortening the cycle time to one-sixth of the former model.
The indexing head and the table are driven with a servo-motor, allowing simplified pre-process.

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