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Lapping & Polishing Machines


Hydrodynamic plain bearing:standard equipment for every model (Patented by HAMAI)

Levitates the lower plate with the hydraulic force, thereby ensuring highly load-resistant, smooth, and vibration-free rotation of the plate.

Plate flatness maintenance cycle:standard equipment for most of the machines.

Rotates the carriers clockwise and counterclockwise alternately to maintain the flatness of the plate surface while processing the workpieces.

3-way system:BN series

New type lapping machines with the upper plate kept non-rotating. The upper plate is suspended with a wire so that it has an increased ability to follow the movement of the plate, thereby drastically increasing the yield. We will cut the costs of the machines through mass-production.

Single-sided lapping & polishing machines:HS series

Mounts, as standard equipment, the hydrodynamic plain bearing based on the technology obtained through the double-sided lapping machines. Ensures stable operation even when loaded with one work carrier.

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